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I returned to Chicago Saturday night after my trip to Universal City in Los Angeles to attend Twiistup 6, a technology, media and entertainment conference. I spent three nights and four days speaking to – and networking with – those who are fast changing the face of communications. I was amazed at the background, experience, and determination of the twentysomethings who jammed the event.

While at Twiistup, I encountered young people hoping to change the way people communicate, interact, socialize and entertain themselves online. I met Ben Huh, a graduate of Northwestern University who is running the successful Web site Icanhascheezeburger, a site that offers a unique and acquired brand of humor to its audience. I met Jared Kim, a young man in his 20s who has successfully raised more than $3 million for his online video gaming site. I interviewed the two minds behind a new Web site that is creating a way to connect kitchens across the country through social dining. The conference was a playing ground for these young men and women who hope to gain influence in a realm where communication may start in the digital world but soon turns to face-to-face personal connections.

The reason I attended the event was be surrounded by members of this new generation and to dig into their minds – their full depth could not be captured by a simple phone call. Meeting these people – my peers, really – in person was rewarding. These are the people with the dreams to influence the communication methods of a new generation. Their personalities and ambitions could not be contained by the high ceilings of the ballroom at the Universal Hilton Hotel. Many of them have already achieved great success in online music, gaming, and communication and came to L.A. in hopes of finding the right connections to propel their ideas to a new level. Others attended to be influenced by some of the most powerful minds in social media and digital communication. But no matter. Twiistup 6 was the ideal location to lay the groundwork for the media’s future.

Look forward to reading about the vibrant communities these young people are creating and their impact on a new generation.

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