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The teacher piece

Teach for America teacher Cassie Restrepo, after teaching this class in Las Vegas for three years, intends to go to law school and eventually be an education advocate.

In the classroom, a well-trained teacher is an effective teacher. Teach for America and other programs work outside collegiate training and certification programs. Some see them as a scourge; others see them as a way to bring energy into classrooms.



A teacher, a superintendent, an education technology and teacher training expert and a community activist — all parents — talk about the issues revolving around education. In talking about education, it’s too easy for entrenched interests to retreat to talking points instead of fostering a real give-and-take on the issues. We gathered a classroom teacher [...]

When it goes wrong

Eric Gallagher was hired by Milt Thompson to be North Chicago High School’s new principal. He started his new job on July 1.

If you were making a list of things that could go wrong in a school, you’d inadvertently be drawing up a description of the North Chicago school district.